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There you are at a glanse sitting so close to me. Not knowing what to say. You smile at me and say hi. I chocke, you laugh. We kiss an dance around your room with out knowing how much i am falling for you. We scream an fight not knowing what your words are really doing to me. Why do we feel this way about eachother . Is there something wrong with us? We pass in the hall an we see. we see eachother with the ones we are together with yet we know we don't want to be with them. I love you can't you see it through my guilt an my crys. I 've loved you for as long i can remember. Please let us be real an be inlove agian. There you were at a glanse just laying so life less in my arms. I say I love you, and you just stared into my eyes like deep pools of light . You said I love you an kiss me good night.

poem i wrote but don't have name for if u think of one comment thnkz.

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