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my party ruled

my paty was so much fun!!!!!!!!!! OMG we watched NigthMare Before Christmas cuz my friend Glorie never say it be4 i was liek whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? lol anyway Jessica and Glorie sat right infront of teh T.V. an Sarah and Steph sat on teh couch and me and Kai sat together well mroe liek on top of eachother lol. It was so awesome and yea we watched Happy Potter teh third one. My mom provte it home from work. AN sarah and Kai werw danceing and idk y but they were it was funny. Yea Kai was driveing me nutz 1. b/c she told me that she was horny all day. 2. she told me that she saved her pussy. 3. b/c she was playing with my boobs. 4. b/c she was rubbing her body up agianst me and yea it was really turnign me on. Then i told her after she left when i talked to her on the computer and she laughed at me. But omg my party was so fun b/c when we were haveing cake i too some of teh iceing and put it on my friend Glorie and jessicas face and we had a iceing fight with jess,glor,sarah,kai,steph, me, my sister and my cuzin bucky who is way older than me and my friends he is 37 so yea it was fun and stuff an i want to see Kai i wanna cuddle agian an huge and kiss like we did last night it was the best i loved it
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