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Green Day is releasing a new album on May 15th, titled 21st Century Breakdown. Below is a widget where you can check out the new single, Know Your Enemy, and follow what the band has going on right now.

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hey guys, we finally have a song online so it'd be really cool if you just gave us 2:52 to listen and let us know what you think. just click the banner and itll take you to our page.

AI: I never liked you anyway


Well, I'm a member of 35 communitys and i can't keep up with my flist. I'm leaving all the communities which i don't post in very often, which includes this one. I might join again soemtime, you never know

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my party ruled

my paty was so much fun!!!!!!!!!! OMG we watched NigthMare Before Christmas cuz my friend Glorie never say it be4 i was liek whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? lol anyway Jessica and Glorie sat right infront of teh T.V. an Sarah and Steph sat on teh couch and me and Kai sat together well mroe liek on top of eachother lol. It was so awesome and yea we watched Happy Potter teh third one. My mom provte it home from work. AN sarah and Kai werw danceing and idk y but they were it was funny. Yea Kai was driveing me nutz 1. b/c she told me that she was horny all day. 2. she told me that she saved her pussy. 3. b/c she was playing with my boobs. 4. b/c she was rubbing her body up agianst me and yea it was really turnign me on. Then i told her after she left when i talked to her on the computer and she laughed at me. But omg my party was so fun b/c when we were haveing cake i too some of teh iceing and put it on my friend Glorie and jessicas face and we had a iceing fight with jess,glor,sarah,kai,steph, me, my sister and my cuzin bucky who is way older than me and my friends he is 37 so yea it was fun and stuff an i want to see Kai i wanna cuddle agian an huge and kiss like we did last night it was the best i loved it
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see y i lov her so much

Shot 4Mortality: *shrug*
Shot 4Mortality: *poke*
Shot 4Mortality: will u go out with me? o.o
BisexualsXe6664E: yes hel l yes
Shot 4Mortality: WEEEEEEEEE
Shot 4Mortality: ^_^
BisexualsXe6664E: *doin hapy dance*
Shot 4Mortality: hahahaha
Shot 4Mortality: *tries to sing*
BisexualsXe6664E: lol
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There you are at a glanse sitting so close to me. Not knowing what to say. You smile at me and say hi. I chocke, you laugh. We kiss an dance around your room with out knowing how much i am falling for you. We scream an fight not knowing what your words are really doing to me. Why do we feel this way about eachother . Is there something wrong with us? We pass in the hall an we see. we see eachother with the ones we are together with yet we know we don't want to be with them. I love you can't you see it through my guilt an my crys. I 've loved you for as long i can remember. Please let us be real an be inlove agian. There you were at a glanse just laying so life less in my arms. I say I love you, and you just stared into my eyes like deep pools of light . You said I love you an kiss me good night.

poem i wrote but don't have name for if u think of one comment thnkz.

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Ok I broke up with Brett and me an my friend sarah aren't going to go out because we had a big talk about it an stuff an i might go out with my friend Kristos but idk an yeah WHOA 4 more days till my party oh yea yay an 3 days till i go to the movies with kristos for his irthday an my brothers are goin with us as is his dad. An 12 days till Davey Havoks 29 birthday yay an 19 days till Jade Pugets 31 birthday.

HEA HEA HEA HEA HEA HEA Sarah the guy i am in love with is only goin to be 29 an the guy u love is goin to be 31 hea eha. idk they both r hot so idk wat the hell i am sayin lol.