Cinderella (childofthecorn9) wrote in xgreatest_fears,

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Crashed Down in One Day

Isnt it weird when ur just starting to become happy then how everything can just come crashing down in one day?
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yeah i know how that is, that sucks.
i think everyone goes through that cuz my week was turning out to be the best ever and now all this crap is happening and my life is so low right now. idk what to do anymore. if u need to talk let me know. my s/n is nightmareofmine2:) hope to talk to u soon. bye bye:)
thnax....i know everyone will kno what i feels like sometimes....its just weird..i havent been happy in so damn long..then once it started warming up and i was so happy...just a few little words can put u back down at the feels like a huge stab in the feels like my happieness was kinda artifishal (sp?)..cuz the things i was happy about werent really true.....but everyone gets over it...
yea it takes time to get over it. everything takes time. things in life suck so much.
thats for sure